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Greenfinch BG.jpg

"In my next life, I want to be a greenfinch"

"Wonderful words; exquisite experience."

"beautiful poetry"

An autobiographical piece of poetry and performance that explores how we make sense of memories and the past, and how we can be shaped as people by the lands and hills we walk across.

"a delicious musicality...heartfelt"



"it is hard not to feel your own re-emergence"

The Understudy

"One of the highlights of Vault Festival, and the year"

Fringe Show of the Year 2023, The Arts Dispatch

Performed at
Phoenix Art Space Brighton, 13-21 May 2022.

  • VAULT Festival, London, 7-8 March 2023

  • Bom-Bane's, 24-25 May 2023

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