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Fringe Show of the Year

Hi there friends.

I am delighted to announce that Greenfinch has been announced by The Arts Dispatch as their Fringe Show of the Year (2023).

Can't quite believe it! Also makes me want to do it again. I never quite got to take it to Edinburgh, but maybe one day.

It's been a hard year for many people out there but for me it has also been massively creatively fulfilling. Not only did I perform Greenfinch to a sellout crowd, picking up good reviews and accolades along the way, but I also completed a Masters Degree in Creative Writing for which I received a distinction, and in November my daughter was born - my most wonderful creation so far. I am a dad! (see above - that baby is real)

I've been taking a break to change nappies and wilt under the full blown power of a baby's cry directly in the face, but have started work on my new show Vicious Cycle. Previews and work in progress performances are soon to be announced. Also, a pamphlet of Greenfinch is forthcoming from Flight of the Dragonfly Press. I do have other plans for Greenfinch so watch this space!

And of course, if you would like me to come and perform it for you somewhere, do get in touch.

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, I hope that whatever this time of year is to you, you are happy and safe.

All my love,



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